23 March 2022

Auckland Congestion Surcharge – Auckland Transhipment To & From Pacific Islands

Dear Valued Customers,

We continue to experience heavy congestion at the Auckland terminals. This has led to significant delays to our vessel schedules causing an increase in the overall operational costs. With the aim of defraying escalating costs, our mainline carrier has imposed a congestion surcharge.

NPDL wishes to advise customers that an Auckland Congestion Surcharge (CGL) of USD 250 per TEU will be applied to all Asia / Latin America / Middle East / Africa shipments being trans-shipped via Auckland to and from:

• New Caledonia
• Fiji
• French Polynesia
• Tonga
• Vanuatu
• Samoa
• Cook Islands
• Tuvalu
• Wallis & Futuna
• Kiribati

This charge will be applied to all shipments from shipped on board (SOB) date on or after 25th March 2022 until further notice.

Thank you for your continued support, should you have any further questions or queries please contact your NPDL representative.