Good afternoon all,

Please be advised that due to the current, severe berth congestion at Auckland port, we cannot confirm receival and cut-off dates for the SHENGKING 2111N at this stage.

Although the SHENGKING 2111N is expected to arrive in Auckland on the 7th of August, the Ports of Auckland will not allow receivals until a berth is confirmed.

Please do not deliver cargo until further instructions from this office, as it will be turned away and any associated cost will not be accepted by Swire.

I will keep you updated as much as possible. Please let me know if any amendments to the bookings are required.

We thank you for your patience and apologize for the inconvenience.

Kind regards

Anna Dulova

Cargo Management Officer

Swire Shipping | The China Navigation Co. Pte. Ltd

Auckland | New Zealand

T +64 9 980 9139