18th of May 2021

Low Sulphur Fuel Surcharge Effective 18th of Jun

Dear Valued Customers,

NPDL wishes to advise that following monitoring of Low Sulphur Fuel (LSFO) price, for the last 2 months, effective 18th of June an updated Low Sulphur Fuel Surcharge will be applicable on all shipments. LSFO price has increased by more than 10% during the monitoring period, triggering the new tier of the surcharge.

• Australia to / from South Pacific and Norfolk Island will be USD $76 / TEU
• New Zealand to / from South Pacific Islands will be USD $52 / TEU
• Inter-Island will be USD $105 / TEU
• Reefers: to be applied at a trade coefficient of 1.5 per TEU of dry


• NPDL reserves the right to review the LSFO surcharge should the fuel price increase or decrease by 10% during Q3 21 period

• LSFO for Asia/Europe/Africa/Americas to & from the Pacific Islands and NZ to Norfolk Island / Cook Island trade is communicated separately

Thank you in advance for all your support and understanding, should you have any points of clarity please don’t hesitate to contact your regional Customer Service team.