World Cargo Pacific Ltd.
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Mangere, Auckland

Re: Notice of Amalgamation and Name Change

To Whom It May Concern:

As you will be aware, Pacific Direct Line Ltd and its subsidiary companies were acquired by Neptune Pacific Line in March 2020 and currently operate under the larger Neptune Pacific Direct Line business (NPDL).
In order to streamline NPDL’s systems and processes, several NPDL subsidiary companies are now being amalgamated.
On 1 January 2021, the following Neptune Pacific Direct Line companies were amalgamated pursuant to New Zealand law: (1) Transam Logistics (NZ) Limited, (2) Container Repairs and Sales Limited, (3) Heather Street Limited, (4) Pacific Bulk Fuel Limited and (5) Pacific Direct
Line Limited.
Following the amalgamation, these companies will continue to operate as a single combined company named Transam New Zealand Limited. Attached are copies of the relevant Certificates of Amalgamation and Incorporation (confirming Pacific Direct Line Limited’s name change to Transam New Zealand Limited).
Any invoices or correspondence which would formerly have been directed to one of the amalgamated companies should, effective 1 January 2021, be directed to Transam New Zealand Limited instead, and their trading name should be changed accordingly. For example, if you used
to invoice Pacific Direct Line Limited before, now you should change the trading name to Pacific Direct Line, a division of Transam New Zealand Limited. Further, any contract you had previously entered into with one of the amalgamated companies is now with Transam New
Zealand Limited.
Apart from the changes in the preceding paragraph, all agreements entered into with any of the amalgamated companies will be unaffected by the amalgamation and name change. Transam New Zealand Limited will continue to operate as part of the larger Neptune Pacific Direct Line business.

Should you have any questions regarding the amalgamation, please direct your inquiry to Bryan Orsbourne at +64 21 226 2735 or


Annevie Maravilla
Accounts Receivable Officer