03 October 2023

Capitaine Wallis 403N Schedule Update

Dear Valued Customers,

The Capitaine Wallis 403N has experienced adverse weather in Futuna resulting in her being unable to berth.

We have made the decision to return her to Suva, in order to clear the Suva port and avoid further congestion. This amends her forward schedule as follow’s.

Her updated rotation and ETA dates are as follows:

  • Suva, 04 October
  • Futuna, 07 October
  • Santo, 12 October
  • Port Vila, 14 October
  • Noumea, 19 October

These adjustments will be reflected in our schedules, should you have any further questions please contact your NPDL representative.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support.