April 6, 2023
10:30 pm EST

Update on ILWU disruptive actions in Port of Los Angeles and Long Beach

On Thursday, April 6 at 5:00 pm Pacific Standard Time, ILWU Local 13 crane operators and Top handler drivers decided to reject their job assignments that were ordered by the employers for the evening’s second shift, impacting all Los Angeles and Long Beach terminals.

As a result, no operations were performed on the night shift. (Every terminal in the harbor has decided to cancel all vessel, yard, rail and gate operations for the night shift with the uncertainty of not knowing if they will be able to resume tomorrow 1st shift.)

We are monitoring the situation to see if this is a single shift event, or if it will continue tomorrow (Friday, April 7 which is a work day for the ILWU). Easter Sunday, April 9 is a no work ILWU holiday.

Today also marks the last day of the ILWU Local 13 President’s term. The new President is sworn in this evening (Thursday, April 6, 2023) and starts his term.

The PMA is involved and we expect to have more clarity on the disruption and duration. They will also issue a press release on the incident Friday morning.

The following vessels are impacted:

• TP6 Maersk Eureka: Alongside ETD 0500/12th
• TP8 Maersk Antares: Alongside – ETD 0500/9th
• Next in line: WCCA Maersk Newcastle – ETA 0800/9th

• No vessels alongside.
• Next in line – TP2 MSC Livorno: ETA 1800/20th

• No disruptions reported at this point in time.