28 July 2022

Vessel Addition – Capitaine Tupaia

Dear Valued Customers,

NPDL is pleased to advise we have acquired a vessel to support our network of South Pacific Services. The M/V Capitaine Tupaia is a geared 22314 DWT, 1713 TEU nominal vessel. She will join our network mid-September where she will be deployed in the New Zealand Tahiti service.

The arrival of the Capitaine Tupaia will allow the Capitaine Dampier to re-join the Capitaine Tasman in the independent, dedicated New Zealand to Fiji service.

The addition of the Capitaine Tupaia to our fleet will significantly enhance connections and increase supply chain reliability across our network. NPDL is committed to delivering a robust suite of freight services tailored to meet the demands of the South Pacific.

The arrival of the Capitaine Tupaia and subsequent adjustments to our network will be reflected in our schedules next week, should you have any questions or queries please contact your NPDL representative.