09 March 2022

Capitaine Wallis Update & Contingency Plans

Dear Valued Customers,

We regret to advise that the Capitaine Wallis has encountered main engine problems whilst on route between Fiji and Tuvalu. She has now returned to Fiji for further assessment and repairs. At this stage the estimated time of completion for repair work is 16th March. We will keep you updated on her ongoing progress.

To move cargo to destination in the timeliest manner we will implement the following contingency plan. This involves several changes in vessel rotations which have been summarized into two segments below:

Cargo Movements The table below summarises the flow of cargo on upcoming vessels via Auckland and Suva:

Vessel Movements The tables below summarise the amendments to planned voyages and port rotations on upcoming sailings as part of the contingency plan:

These changes will be reflected in the schedules released this week.

We thank you for your patience. Should you have any further questions please contact you NPDL representative.

Yours sincerely,

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