Marseille, 30/11/21

New BAF formula / Europe to Pacific Islands

Dear Customers,

To face the high volatility of the bunker, the BAF formula will be changed as from 1st trimester 2022, with a lower coefficient thus reducing the variations in the BAF from one quarter to another.

BAF Q1 2022 old formula : EUROS 1137 per TEU
BAF Q1 2022 new formula : EUROS 258 per TEU

The gap between old and new formula is EUROS 880 per TEU and must be integrated into basic freight for all offer as from 1st January 2022.

ZOL-ZOD perimeter :

Zone of Loading: Northern Europe / Scandinavia / Poland / West Med / East Med / Baltic / Adriatic / Baltic / North Africa / Morocco

Destinations : Polynesia / New Caledonia / Fiji / Wallis & Futuna / Vanuatu

Notre équipe commerciale se tient à votre disposition pour tout complément d’information.

CMA CGM Head Office – Marseille