11th November 2021

Customer Notice – Emergency Recovery Fee of US Government Mandated Dwell

Dear Valued Customer,

Due to the ongoing congestion issues at the Port of Long Beach the US Government has introduced an emergency fee on any long dwelling containers, effective November 2021.

• The fee will be applied to all containers that remain at the terminal for 9 days or more
for road containers and 6 days or more for rail containers.
• The cost is $100 per container on the first day over the dwell limit and will increase by
$100 increments for each day, i.e., $200 for day 2, $300 for day 3 and so on, these
costs are accumulative.

The Port of Long Beach will be responsible for collecting the fees for this new policy and we have been advised that any revenue will be reinvested toward long term port efficiency and infrastructure programs.

As this fee is Government Mandated and has been imposed onto Swire Shipping, any costs incurred with this new policy will be passed onto the customer. All containers incurring the dwell fee from 15 November will be subject to the pass-through fee.

We appreciate your continued support. If you require any further information or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact your local representative.

Swire Shipping