15th September 2021

Detention Tariff – French Polynesia

In order to continue to provide sustainable shipping solutions to your market, Swire Shipping is implementing the below adjustments to its Detention Tariff.
These changes will impact the amount of time you are allowed to hold containers (‘free days’) and the per day charges applicable if the time allowed is exceeded.
There is currently a global shortage of containers. In order to ensure that Swire Shipping has containers available to meet your own, and other customers’ demands, we require the prompt return of containers within the free time days allowed.

FREE DAYS: are calculated on calendar days basis.

FOR IMPORTS: Free days will start from the day the container is discharged from the vessel. The calculation of days will stop when the container is returned to the relevant depot.

FOR EXPORTS: Free days will start when the container is picked up from the depot location and sent to the shipper. The calculation of days will stop when the container is received full at the terminal.

These changes will come into effect from 1st November 2021 in all locations. Please note that from 1st November 2021 the charge will apply to both new and existing shipments.
Should you have any questions or queries on these changes, please contact your local Swire Shipping representative.

Swire Shipping