Service between Australia, New Zealand & West Coast

Service Update

23rd March 2021

Dear Customer,

Hamburg Sud wishes to advise that due to the ongoing port delays in California, we will adjust the port calls of our PANZ service to improve schedule reliability.

Starting with the arrival / departure of the ANL Warrnambool V 112 N/ 118 S we will reduce the frequency of the Oakland call to fortnightly on a temporary basis.

The following vessels will not call Oakland:

ANL Warrnambool V 112 N / 118 S
Synergy Keelung V 114 N / 120 S
Debussy V 116 N / 122 S
Mate V 119 N / 124 S
Seaspan Hamburg V 121 N/ 126 S

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.
Our weekly sailing schedule will be updated to reflect these changes.
Please contact your nearest Hamburg Sud office for further information